Flat panel detector (DR panel)

Semed Medicals Flat panel detector (DR panel)


The AirDR™ G3 is our flagship 14″x17″ Cesium DR panel with wireless and tethered options. 100% Made in America and loaded with cutting edge features, iCRco’s 3rd generation AirDR ensures patients receive the lowest possible dose with the highest quality image.


The AirDR™M is a Retrofittable DR Mammography Solutions equipped with a directly deposited Cesium iodide (Csl) scintillator which provides unparalleled image quality. 


Introducing the iDR34™: the only digital radiography solution capable of BOTH regional scanning and long length spinal imaging studies.

In SEMED, we do not just supply, we analyze requests and offer professional solution, thereby, creating value for investment and achieving your request goal.

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