10KVA – 300KVA PFC 303 Online UPS

Semed Medicals 10KVA – 300KVA PFC 303 Online UPS
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30KVA – 200KVA

AG PFC303 is a range of Low Harmonics series -Unity PF Online UPS using boost toplogy.

  • 100% Indigenous – designed in our end-end full-fledged in-house R&D.
  • Export compliant.
  • Available for OEMs
  • Low Harmonics 0.99PF, < 3%
  • IGBT Invertor and convertor (PFC)
  • 4-Quadrant, regenerative load handling
  • SNMP for Remote Power Management
  • DSP technology.
  • Power-conditioning Topology
  • Event logging.
  • Hot standby redundancy
  • Auto bypass – Mains synchronised zero transfer time
  • AG PFC 303 Series is a double conversion Three phase input-Three phase output Industrial grade Online UPS with Active input power factor correction. (0.99PF, 3%THDi)

    Industrial design – Designed to handle high inrush current and the transformer is designed to handle the load harmonic current which heats up the inverter transformer. The UPS is utility friendly and generator compatible and prevents the overrating of electrical wires, reduce reflected harmonies back to the source. 


    When rotating element of a motor runs faster than its voltage drive control (command), then the motor begins to act as generator and energy pumps back to the source. The conventional Online UPS cannot absorb this energy and the DC bus voltage starts increasing and leads to failure of DC capacitor and switching device. 

    The re-generative braking energy is produced in the following conditions, Quickly decelerating a high inertia (mechanical arm, flywheel). Controlling the speed of a load moving vertically downwards (Milling, cutting, declining conveyor) sudden drop in load torque. (Drilling operation, industrial saw) Repetitive acceleration and deceleration to a stop.

  • Applications

    • CNC
    • CT & MRI scanners
    • Offset & Digital Printers
    • Process Automation
    • Vertical Milling Machines
    • Multiplex and Cinema halls
    • Pharma Processing
    • Research Labs
    • Laser Cutting Machines
    • Automated Manufacturing
    • We have supplied to a variety of critical industrial application across India and overseas; performing to their delight from past 18-19 years.

    Our esteemed customers have been using PFC 101 models for various applications across the country from past 19yrs and have certified the performance of the same.

In SEMED, we do not just supply, we analyze requests and offer professional solution, thereby, creating value for investment and achieving your request goal.

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