Drip stand

Semed Medicals Drip stand

QUADRIPOD Q1 - aluminium

QUADRIPOD Q1 with PU handle – aluminium – silver

Adjustable height: 74-97 cm
Weight: 0.9 kg
Maximum load: 100 kg

QUADRIPOD Q2 - silver

QUADRIPOD Q2 with small base and PU handle – silver

Adjustable height: 65-88 cm
Weight: 0.8 kg
Maximum load: 100 kg

QUADRIPOD Q3 - bronze

QUADRIPOD Q3 with PU handle – bronze

Adjustable height: 70-88 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg
Maximum load: 100 kg

In SEMED, we do not just supply, we analyze requests and offer professional solution, thereby, creating value for investment and achieving your request goal.

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