Transfer trolley

Semed Medicals Transfer trolley

Electric Stretcher Cart

Model: B3

Luxurious Electric Rise-and-Fall Stretcher Cart


Material: The bed is made of galvanized steel tube and surface coated by electrostatic spray. The back board is made of X-ray revealed American electrotyped board with x-ray cassette. It is equipped with the imported LINAK motor as rise-and-fall system.  

Introduction: The international advanced centrally controlled brake system is applied to the cart and Φ 200 dustproof castors make the cart move steadily, reliably and lightly. 

Stretcher Trolley (B2)

Model: B2

Luxurious Stretcher Trolley


Material: The cart frame is made of quality quality coated steel plate. Cart surface and side rails are shaped by once injection molding of PP engineering plastics.

Introduction:The international advanced centrally controlled brake system is applied to the cart and therefore stable and reliable. The cart surface is of separate structure with the back rest section supported by the imported pneumatic spring. Thus the cart is operated easily and simply.

Operating Room Cart

Model: B1

Stretcher Trolley for Patient Transfer of Operating Room


Material: PP mattress base and side rails.

Construction feature:The main construction of the cart is steel coated. The guideways for linking two small separate carts are made of quality aluminum alloy of high strength and thus enable the bed to move steadily and reliably . Two separate small carts can be raised and lowered for adjustment. 


Hydraulic Stretcher Cart

Model: B4

Luxurious Hydraulic Rise-and-Fall Stretcher Cart

Stretcher Trolley

Model: B6-1

B6-1-Stretcher Trolley 


Stretcher Trolley

Model: B4-1

Hydraulic Stretcher Cart

Model: B5

Stretcher Trolley (B6)

Model: B6

Stretcher Trolley

Model: B6-1

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