Ultrasound machine

Semed Medicals Ultrasound machine
Model 1: X-CUBE 90

X-CUBE offers the highest level of efficiency and insight for healthcare providers,

Model 2: E-CUBE 15 Platinum
Quality in your daily practice

Sophisticated system and new UI(User Interface) design of E-CUBE 15 Platinum will add premium value to your daily practice. 

Model 3: E-CUBE 12
Bringing excellence to daily care

The E-CUBE 12 is a great partner for the management of medical environments.

Model 4: E-CUBE 8 Diamond
Everlating productivity

The E-CUBE 8 Series is an indispensable partner for your practice.

Model 5: E-CUBE 8
Smartness for your daily practice

With the rapidly changing medical environment, the demands of patients and medical practitioners are becoming more diversified.

Model 6: E-CUBE 8LE
The Essentials for your daily practice

The E-CUBE 8 LE is a smart product that includes the absolutely essential features of the E-CUBE 8.

Model 7: E-CUBE 7
All-in-One Solution for Top Performers
Optimal solution for mutiple applications

Embedded with ALPINION’s core imaging technology and imaging platform,

Model 8: E-CUBE 5
Born Powerful and Compact

The E-CUBE 5 combines more compact and smarter solutions with powerful performance.

Model 9: E-CUBE i7
Innovation Meets Portability. Indeed.

Offering a powerful and stable cart-based system architecture and breakthrough design with sliding keyboard cover,

Model 10: Minisono

minisono is a new generation, tablet-based ultrasound
diagnostic system that is smaller, simpler, and more
compact than the existing bulky, complicated systems.

In SEMED, we do not just supply, we analyze requests and offer professional solution, thereby, creating value for investment and achieving your request goal.

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